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This is an experimental sequencer that combines editing text screens with the SID chip.  It is inspired in part by 100 Rabbits' "Orca", EKO ComputeRhythm videos and the fact that the c64 screen rows and SID register counts match.

By changing the petscii characters on the screen you set values into the SID registers or add to existing values for each beat of the sequence.  

Knowledge of the SID chip is a plus, but there are various demo tracks to experiment with included.

Requires a PAL or NTSC Commodore 64 or emulator.

Source code has been added that allows you to create standalone or .SID format versions of your songs.

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Published 24 days ago
Tagschiptune, Commodore 64

Install instructions

The archive contains executable files and data for the Commodore 64 computer, either a real machine or emulator can be used to run them.


miniseq_v1_0.zip 22 kB
miniseq_src.zip 4 kB

Development log


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